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Renovating a listed building

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a period house, then you’ll be fully aware of the difficulties that arise when you want the builders to make a few changes. Depending on the age and grading of the property, almost any feature could have protection against renovation. Listed properties are in plentiful supply in the areas of Marlow, Beaconsfield and Thame. And listed doesn’t inevitably equate to being old – any building erected over thirty years ago can become a listed building. So, if you’re property is listed, how do you go about making any changes?

Who decides?

Buildings are assigned a grading based on their historical or architectural importance. Anyone can nominate a building to be listed, yourself, your postman or local builder, but only a government minister has the final say. If you want to change any part of a listed building, then the application must be made to the local authority in Marlow, Beaconsfield or Thame. As experienced builders, we can undertake the whole application process, which can and often does alleviate a lot of homeowner stress.

What features can you change?

It’s safe to work on the premise that any part of a Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed building will be protected. Through consultation with the conservation officer for Marlow, Beaconsfield or Thame, we will be able to offer solutions that are in keeping with the original character of the property.
Listed properties are complex to renovate, and you can’t employ the services of any odd-job builder. For a professional and expert renovation service with experience in gaining listed consent, call our friendly team.