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Have you considered a two-storey extension?

If you have decided upon extending your home rather than moving, with the significant investment required, you might also consider opting for a two-storey extension. You might be surprised to learn that adding two storeys to your house isn’t that much more expensive, in fact, on average it’s around a third more. So whether you live in Marlow, Beaconsfield or Thame, we’ll set out below the advantages of adding two additional floors to your home.

What are the additional costs?

The groundwork’s, foundations and roof absorb the majority of the expenses when constructing extensions. The additional materials needed to add a second storey to your house will not cause the costs to double in size. It will give you better value for money per square yard and provide you with ample space and long-term living options.

Will you need planning permission?

With some single-storey extensions planning permission will not be required, but with a two-storey extension, it almost certainly will. Town planners across Marlow, Beaconsfield and Thame, will be keen to ensure that none of your neighbours will incur any loss of natural light from your extension plans. The key to successfully building a multiple floor extension is to employ the services of an experienced building firm, like ourselves, who can guide you through and assist through the planning phase.

Will a two-storey extension add value to your home?

We’ve already discussed how two-storey extensions can be better value for money, but they can also significantly raise the value of your home. If you extend your house from a three-bedroom property to one with five, you can expect your house to gain tens of thousands in value.

If you live in Marlow, Beaconsfield and Thame, and you are interested in knowing how we can help transform your home with an extension, call us our friendly team.